Group workshops and classes


You are warmly invited to join in any events, classes or workshops that you feel drawn too.

This space offers weekly in person events as well as online options.

Tuesday Awakening Classes

When:         Every Tuesday 7pm to 9pm

Where:        Taringa studio (15mins west of the city)

Costs:         $25 per person

Classes will run right thru the holidays.

Click here for more.

Meditation Space

Class members are lovingly guided through a gentle body scan, becoming more grounded and connected into their bodies and into the present.

This is a heart based meditation, with the focus on heart connection, self love, nurture and acceptance. It is a restorative and wonderful class to experience.

The class runs from 7pm to 9pm and is perfect for beginners or anyone wanting to have some nurturing self connection time.

This method is excellent for reducing stress, and calming the system. It also opens up the internal life force which promotes healing and consciousness. Along with sooo many other benefits.

Class is held in an incredible, warm and light space in our Taringa studio (15 mins west of Brisbane city)

Ive had lots of experience instructing meditation classes for men, women and children in class settings as well as workshops, retreats and seminars.

Beginners Welcome.

Monthly Children’s Healing circle

When:    Wednesday 11th of March 2015 – 1pm

Where:   These are done via distance.

Costs:     $24.95 per child.

Click here to learn more about these incredible children’s healing circles. 

Monthly Love Lift circles

When:   Wednesday 18th of March 2015 1pmLight body rainbows

Where:   These are done via distance.

Costs:    $24.95

Click here to learn more about the love lift circles.

Conscious Creation Circle

When:    Saturday 14th of March 1pm

Where:   These are done via distance.

Costs:    $40.00

Click here to learn more about the CCC’s. 

Meditation Retreat

When: 22nd of March 2015 9.30am to 2pm

( please arrive 10 mins early)

Cost: $40 per person ($30 concession)

(Bring a small plate of food to share for after the session)

 Click here for more.



10 thoughts on “Group workshops and classes

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    • Hi Julieanne
      I’ll email you in a few days to discuss this. Still working out the details of when and how this can work.
      Im really looking forward to this group and the growth we will all experience. Blessings Rhia x

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  3. Hi Rhia, i just came across your page on F/book and am interested for my daughter , not sure which would be better for her, the childs group one or the single healing one, she is 14 and has depression but is very mature & spends so much time in her head, has trouble getting to sleep & is quite spiritual & very interested in it, looking forward to hearing from you, thanks Chantal x

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