Individual sessions

Rhia Valentine All Individual Sessions: with Rhia Valentine

Initially the total time frame of a 1st Session will usually take between 45mins to an hour. (Please note Energetic sessions and Activations run for 40 mins)

Subsequent individual sessions for 45mins (then after the session ends I spend 15 mins putting together notes, audio’s, designing plans, and homework recommendations which is then forwarded via email) These additional notes and expertise I provide are shared with clients to further support and empower the already incredible process of these sessions. It is highly recommended that individuals follow through with the homework and techniques suggested to accelerate and enhance their experiences.

The fee for all sessions are charged at $100 per hour or $90 concession.

Skype Video Sessions are also available for convenience or for people who live out of town. Skype me on  universalchangegroup

Distance Healing or energy Sessions are also an option for people who live overseas or in remote areas.


Awakening Family sessions

These sessions are designed to offer support and guidance for families who are on the journey of awakening and healing. Who are wanting to enhance their current family experience or are needing to resolve any ‘learning experiences’ currently happening.

Families who would like to adjust or transform their present life experience, lift their vibrations and become more awakened and empowered.

I offer support and guidance in different forms depending on the unique family situation. This ranges from one on one sessions, skype calls, blog articles, processes designed for the family outcomes, support with healing, sharing learnings, dietary suggestions, energetic support, and much more.

I have experience personally with my own family healing journey, particularly with my own high vibrational children. As well as practical knowledge, and a diverse history working with families from a wide range of groups.

Its important to me that these sessions are affordable and I offer the right support.

If this resonates with you please contact me here

Days & Times

I am available for all sessions on the following times

Thursday’s                    9:30am to 1:30pm    Thursday’s PM

Friday’s                           9.30am to 1:30pm

Alternate Saturdays –  By appointment

Other                              By appointment

Sessions are often booked out weeks in advance so its suggested that multiple session bookings are made in advance.


Some of the methods I have experience with are

Voice Dialogue – Brisbane

My personal belief is that Voice Dialogue is one of the best methods for achieving personal growth, healing, clearing and processing issues or making changes. I work with people from all walks of life and will tailor sessions and trainings to ensure individual needs and desired outcomes are being met. I have over 10 years experience working with voice dialogue and have assisted many people in a wide range of scenarios. Please visit the testimonials page for comments by clients about the effect of voice dialogue in their life.

I have been working consciously with energy for over 10 years and have experience with a wide range of issues and imbalances. When our “system” is out of balance our flow of energy is inhibited and can cause physical illness, headaches, mental contractions, depression, negative life beliefs and general discomfort or anxiety.

I work with pure source energy to dissipate these contractions or imbalances and restore a person’s life force and vibration back to harmony with their highest and best good. I use a gentle, conscious approach in synergy with readings and occasionally implement other modalities.

Contact me for a private chat or to book an appointment.  All sessions and information is kept in the strictest confidence.

Interested in furthering your healing and Development?

Come along to a meditation and healing class run weekly on a Tuesday Evening.

Click here to see what’s on…

Other Services

Home, land and business clearing $555






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