Meditation Classes Brisbane

meditationI have been practicing and teaching meditation for over 10 years, having tried many different meditation techniques from around the world. I have personally found this deep presence mediation technique I now practice and teach in my classes to be the best by far. By anchoring our presence and attention in the body we stay grounded and in the now. Rather than going off on some mental journey and becoming disconnected and up in the clouds, like many of the other mental techniques and visualizations available.

This deep presence meditation technique works by extending the duration of our concentration. Making it deeper and stronger, more grounded and present in the here and now. Disciplining the mind to be more attentive and focused. There are many benefits from this deep presence form of meditation and its an excellent technique for people who are easily distracted, daydreamers or for people wanting to develop their consciousness.

Classes run weekly on a Tuesday night 7pm

Click on the link below for a free sample 10 minute mantra meditation:

Mantra Meditation


Other meditation services

Check out the Kids meditation and art expression classes here

Meditation CD’s & Mp3 Downloads also available for purchase click here


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